Ñande Reta

2 To 4 Nights

Superior Category


Ñande Reta offers a great experience in Esteros del Ibera, with an lodge with a modern design in the building and surroundings.


Ñande Reta has all-inclusive programs (excursions, accommodation, and meals) for 2 to 4 nights, although you can add more nights if you wish too!

Day 1 - Arrival

In the afternoon, arrival at the lodge, where you will check-in and they will give you all the information about your stay and the excursions you will take. At 6pm you will take a snack and then take a night walk through the Esteros del Ibera to observe animals such as capybara, deer, foxes and more!

Return to the lodge for the time of the scene and then rest for your next day.

Meals: Welcome Drink, Coffe Break, Dinner

Day 2 - Boat Ride + Trekking

Get ready for a day to meet ibera wetlands from the inside!

After an abundant breakfast in the morning, it will be time to take your first excursion in Esteros del Ibera: you will board the boat to navigate the marshes, where during the trip you will see a great variety of flora and fauna: capybaras, marsh deers, otters, broad snouted caimans, yacare caimans, and a broad variety of aquatic birds.

Returning at noon, you can rest a little from the activity and have lunch.

In the afternoon you can take a walk along the trails near the lodge and get to know the interpretation center, to learn more about the history of the place.

We end the day with dinner at the inn.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Coffe Break, Dinner

Day 3 - Boat Ride + Kayak

During the second day of excursions at Ñande Reta, you can enjoy, if you want, a second boat ride to the marshes, where you can see the animals again (and even see others you saw during the first ride the day before!) .

And after lunch, you can take a kayak to the marshes to see more animals where the boat ride can’t get to.

The day ends with dinner at the inn.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Coffe Break, Dinner

Day 4 - Horseback Riding + Noctural Safari

In the morning, after breakfast, you can take a horseback ride through the Esteros del Ibera. This is an activity for both beginners and people with experience.

Return at noon to the lodge to have lunch and enjoy the afternoon.

At night you can take a night safari by van through the Esteros del Ibera.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Coffe Break, Dinner

Day 5 - Departure

After breakfast, transfer to your next destination in your itinerary.

Meals: Breakfast





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